There has been a war raging for years. Tucked away and going unnoticed by most. Clans long assume dead, written about as legends and myths have been fighting for you. Fighting and dieing for your freedoms. Recently those battles have begun to bleed into the more populated towns and cities. The clan leaders realize they are loosing. They, the group of forgotten, so proud and secretive, need your help. So badly, in fact that they can’t risk you turning them down. Instead demand your obedience and help. They would rather kill then you joining liege with their enemy. Their enemy believes themselves the higher race and seeks to enslave and slaughter those who resist plugging the world into the darkness that they have long since emerged from. For the group of forgotten clans it is simple math; help or they kill you quick before their enemy can get to you and “convince you” to their demands thus turning you against your own kind. And in doing so either way they are taking away their enemies armed forces.

If we loose all those demons that have stayed hidden in the shadow will no long fear the light. And it will end everything good in our world.

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The Forgotten clans